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Webinar Series

Golf Performance Coaches is proud to run regular webinars to complement our coaching services.  These conversations are designed for parents of competitive junior golfers.   In these sessions we hope to enlighten certain areas of golf performance that might get overlooked or remain unspoken.

Previous webinars have covered themes related to Athletic Development and Self-management in teenaged athletes.  If you’re interested in themes related to golf fitness or designing training plans for golf skills, then you’ll want to tune in to the webinars below at your convenience.

Our most recent webinar covers themes related to target orientation  A discussion of the challenges with traditional instruction which asks the athlete to “think” about their swing motion – and a suggestion that our athletes would be happier and would perform better if they could just shift their attentional focus to their relationship with the target…Presenter Tony Piparo is our guest lecturer…

Episode 5

Target Oriented Golf

Episode 4

Nutrition for Sport

Episode 3

Building Competitive Calendars

Full team picture at Stonegate

Episode 2

Self Management for Teenaged Athletes


Episode 1

Youth Athletic Development






Click here for a post by Jeff that outlines the concept of “Peak Height Velocity”.


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