“Our son’s skills and knowledge have grown from their coaching, and he’s had fun at the same time”


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Summer Golf Camps

Summer 2017

Our award-winning summer camps will be available at a number of locations and on virtually every week of the summer .  These popular multi-day camps help youngsters learn how to enjoy the game golf and to develop skills in an engaging environment.   Participants learn all about the many layers of the sport of golf by playing and practicing the sport.   This is an age where possibility is limitless, and so the focus of these camps is to create an environment where players can explore the game on their own terms – to have fun golfing while learning.  Open to ages 7 through 14, these camps also provide an ideal environment for forging friendships with other developing players.



Junior Leagues

Spring 2017

Junior Leagues create a unique environment for young players where they can play the game in a friendly, slightly competitive, atmosphere under the guidance of experienced coaches.  Click on the Title above to see the flyer for 2017.  This program mirrors other sports by delivering the fundamentals of the game by actually playing the game.  Players are introduced to the game in a way which promotes curiosity and enjoyment while introducing them to the process of developing golf skills.  Our Spring Leagues will run through June and are hosted at  Mill Run Golf Club.      The junior leagues are well suited to players aged 7-13 with some prior experience with golf.


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Junior Practices

Spring 2017

Junior Practices are structured group training sessions led by GPC coaches at various facilities around the GTA.  With a variety of scheduling options and facilities, we are proud to provide a plethora of structured golf practices where children can train skills in a collaborative manner while being led by expert coaches.  Players who attend will develop sound fundamentals for their future swings while learning about the joys of practicing and playing the game.  These practices are organized by Jon and Jeff and are led by our trained staff of GPC coaches, community coaches, and mentor coaches.  These programs are lots of fun and are very effective at delivering the fundamentals of the sport to participating athletes.


Coaching NCG Players

Private Coaching


We do provide individual, private, coaching services for junior aged athletes.   These are often popular choices for players from out of town, or for the first few meetings with a new athlete, and can lay the foundations for the future program choices.  Ultimately, we believe that athletes will develop more completely within a group or team of players, but private one on one sessions can also be valuable in identifying performance traits and personalizing the training plan for each athlete.  These sessions can range from 90 minutes to a full day and are offered at any of our facilities.  Ideally, these sessions take place over a few hours where we can play some holes and run through skill measurements, laying the foundation for a performance plan.


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Just last weekend our son won his first junior tournament, and on the car ride home he described how grateful he was to us for having enrolled him into the Golf Performance Coaches programs..